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Limp dick ladyboys

17 December 2005 by dwb

Transsexuals often take hormones and this can cause them to have soft cocks. Normally that is not an issue, but when you’re shooting porn, you need a hard cock.

It’s a good thing we have Hicks around to fluff them.

This pic is a snapshot of Hicks doing what he does best. But in this case, nothing was going to get this little ladyboy hard. She was the little ladyboy who thought she could.

She flat out lied to me about being able to get hard and had nothing but a limp baby dick the entire time. It was a wasted time and wasted money, as I make it a point to sell ladyboy porn where all of the ladyboys have hard cocks.

At least Hicks got to suck some dick. After this shoot we went to see King Kong. Made me forget all about limp ladyboy cocks for 3 hours.

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